1. MacFox II

This firefox skin is designed to look like Safari, the always-beautiful browser from Apple. We'll be honest: As major MacOS fans, it doesn't work 100% for us. It could be a lot more Macish. But as far as Mac imitation themes go, this is definitely one of the best. There are others, but they aren't nearly as good.

2. Abstract Classic

This is one of my personal favorite firefos skins. It has a very nice, smooth, "glassy" look to it that I love. I actually use this theme for my browser most of the time.

3. Pink Paula

How should I describe this theme? Well, it's pink. Very pink. If you like pink, do the pink paula. If you don't like pink, flee the pink paula AT ALL COSTS.

4. HalloFF

This one's sort of a seasonal Firefox skin, unless you're really into skeletons and the color orange. If you are, or if your calendar reads October, check out this Firefox skin. Features everybody's favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters, including Jack Skellington.