Firefox Skins

Welcome to Firefox Skins, the place to find the coolest and most popular Firefox Skins available, with new ones added all the time.

Skins -- more commonly known as "themes," are little browser addons that change how your browser looks and feels. If you're a bit bored with the default grey hues of Firefox -- and if you've come to this site you probably are -- then skins are your answer. They liven up even the dullest browsers!

If you're in a rush, you can just click through the links on the left, or jump over to our Hall Of Fame (link at top of page). Otherwise, keep reading for the full scoop on Firefox skins, including the blog covering the latest and coolest themes.

What Nobody Tells You About Firefox Skins

We've been using Firefox since the day it was first released. We've watched it develop, seen new features added all the time. We've watched Firefox skins grow more popular, seen new ones created every day. We've seen a lot of things we like, but also a lot of things we *don't* like.

Truth is, our general experience with Firefox skins is that they're usually ugly, and often not worth your time. But every now and again, a theme comes along that breaks the trend. Once and a while, some talented designer decides to make something so original and fantastic that we can't help but love it.

That's why we created this website. On here, we showcase the best in Firefox Skins. The ones that still blow us away every time we see them. And on here, we show you how to find and install them, so you can be blown away too.